Becky Morris, Family Fit attendee

If you want to get fit but struggle with childcare this is perfect for you. Not only do you increase your activity, but the children also do too and you’ll have a fantastic time doing it!

Andy and Paula are so friendly and so much fun, introducing new and old playground games to get family bonding and working together. My children were put off by sports at school as they felt intimidated by the children who had been attending sports clubs for years. Paula and Andy made them feel comfortable and able to actually enjoy themselves as they didn’t feel self-conscious within a family environment.

All ages and abilities are welcome and it’s lovely to see the older ones looking after the younger ones, motivating each other. And the parents get to be kids again. A full hour of giggles and fun, you won’t even realize it’s exercise!

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Rae Bartram, Running Fit attendee

I did the Family Fit course in January 2018 with my eldest son Lewis. I'd had a baby less than a year previously and hadn't regained much fitness due to suffering from post-natal depression and the time pressures of being a mum to 3 young children. I liked the idea of doing something that was accessible for my fitness level, as well as an opportunity to spend quality time with Lewis, and we were not disappointed! Andy and Paula were so welcoming; they made each session fun, as well as giving us something to think about and do at home. Lewis and I both enjoyed the games, even in the mud, rain & snow! We laughed so much and we really looked forward to going each week.

The course definitely had a lasting impact on us; Lewis was more mindful about his snack choices and as a family we became more conscious of things like added sugar, eating enough fruit and veg, and trying to be more active throughout each day.

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I really missed the course after it finished as it had been the kick-start I needed; I'd made small changes to my lifestyle and seen results through losing weight and improved fitness levels. What I missed the most though was spending time each week with a group of like-minded people because it really motivated me to keep going.

I knew about the Running Fit meets but I didn't build up the courage to go until October 2018 but I'm so glad I did! Everyone was so welcoming and friendly. I built up from one 5k a week to running 3 times a week and completing the 10k to half-marathon course which enabled me to be a finisher at the Pontefract half marathon in 2019. This was such a massive achievement for me but there's no way I could have done it without the support of Paula and the Running Fit group. I absolutely love running now and couldn't imagine not running!

2020 has not been the year we expected and yet despite a global pandemic, the community we have - that Paula and Andy have fostered through the running meets, courses, and social media - has never been stronger. It has given me a positive and supportive platform to continue my fitness journey in the most challenging of times to make long-lasting healthy changes to my lifestyle, which is more important than ever. Thank you!

The Family Fit Group

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